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10 May 2017

Important Notice Regarding Social Media Comments

Kilcoy Pastoral Company (KPC) rejects continued inaccurate comments on social media about its employment, safety and animal welfare practices.

Negative, personal and misleading comments about our employees are not acceptable and are out of step with our team environment and how we conduct our operations.

As the major employer in the Kilcoy region and the largest private employer on the Sunshine Coast, KPC has a proud track record of attracting, retaining and developing local workers.

We can assure our employees, customers, community and stakeholders our employment practices are of the highest standards. Employees are selected on their ability to perform a job, regardless of race, cultural background or gender.

Under our Labour Agreement, KPC has the capacity to employ 457 visa holders for certain roles to ensure we have sufficient skilled meatworkers to meet the needs of our business.

KPC also takes its responsibility for food safety, personal safety and animal welfare extremely seriously.

We actively encourage employees with any concerns or grievances to raise them informally with their supervisor or formally through KPC’s grievance process.

In regards to animal welfare, KPC sets world-class standards to ensure humane treatment of our animals. We have an on-plant veterinary officer employed by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, strict quality assurance processes, and participate in three-day external audits every six months.

KPC is proud of its workforce and its unwavering commitment to quality, safety and animal welfare.